Britain Bingo

The Fundamentals of Bingo

Bingo is known to be one of the oldest game of chance that is still being played in the whole world today. Its history started way back in the 15th century where it was played as a form of lottery game in Italy. In fact, the lottery system being used during those times is still being played there as to the present in Italy.

The game later on spread to France where it was accepted and played by the elite. It then continued to spread to Germany. There, it was not only used as a lottery game but it was used as an educational tool in teaching children mathematics and language skills.

By the 1800's the game has already spread all over Europe and by 1900's it eventually set foot to United States of America. The game instantly gained popularity because many people were fascinated and enjoyed playing it. After that, it finally spread all over the world. Now almost all humans know about bingo, it became a favorite past time of many and a game being played in some fund raising activities and charitable games.

Bingo has become popular in just a short period of time because it is not difficult to learn the game. Many first timer gamers learned it in only a span of time. It is very popular for charitable events and fund raising activities because it can be played just anywhere.

To start a game of bingo, the only equipment necessary is just a set of bingo cards, bingo markers and a bingo cage to hold the numbered balls being drawn.

Perhaps almost all people are now familiar with the traditional bingo cards which have 24 numbered spaces and a free space in the center of the card. But there are also some variations of bingo cards available in the market today. There are special cards that are used in teaching mathematics and science to children. There are also animal pictured cards that are used in teaching language and word skills to young children.

Just like in any other game, a player usually has a set of numbers that he looks in a bingo card. He usually chooses his favorite card when he plays for he feels comfortable playing with that card.

Playing bingo can be a lot of fun and is considered a favorite past time of many people of various ages and sexes. It is easy to play with and is convenient because you can play it wherever you want as long as you have the simple needed equipments.