Britain Bingo

Facts about Online Bingo

Bingo can be traced back to as early as the 15th century and became very popular all over Europe. It started in Italy as a lottery game, went to France and then went to Germany where it was used as an educational tool in teaching young children language skills and mathematics. By the 18th century its popularity spread all over Europe and by the 19th century it set foot in the United States where it became popular as well. Soon the game was well known all over the world. It became a popular game for fund raising, many bingo halls were created and soon with the use of computers and internet, it became a game online too.

But what are the basic of this online game that you must know?

Well, online bingo is quite the same with its counterpart, off line bingo. The only difference is that the bingo cards are displayed on your screen whereas in off line bingo, it is being held in your hand.

The bingo cards where the numbers are to be crossed out as it was called out are replaced by cards displayed on the screen, where it was automatically filled in by the computer or manually filled by the player.

The bingo cages where the little numbered balls to be called are placed is now replaced by a random computerized number call that would flash on your computer screen.

The caller or host who usually calls out the numbers is replaced by a computer voice or flashing on your computer screen.

You win if you marked all five consecutive numbers in a row, column, or diagonal patterns. If this happens in off line or land-based bingo, the player must shout bingo so that no other ball will be drawn from the cage; this makes the game exciting and fun.

On the other hand, online bingo offers two versions in declaring that you win, the first one is that the computer recognizes the winning combinations and immediately declares Bingo on your behalf. The other one is that you need to declare Bingo before anyone could declare, in order for you to claim your winnings.

But in order to play properly, the player must be familiar with minimum jargons that would usually pop up in the game. You will need to understand and be familiar how the game is played. There are different variations of the game with different rules, so it is needed for you to know and be familiarized with all the terminology used in the game.

Most of the online sites offer free tutorials and have member's chat rooms. Make use of this to ask some clarifications you want to ask about the game.

So, don't panic if you are new to the game, online bingo is an easy game to play that even new player can learn the game in minutes.