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Calling the Best Bingo Callers

If you think that a bingo caller's job is boring, think again. In some parts of the world, a bingo caller can be as famous as top gambling players, or even more famous.

One bingo caller who has competed in a contest for the best bingo callers in The U.K. is Ivan Winser, a veteran bingo caller at Mecca Bingo. This Norwich caller competed in last year's event, after winning against several others in various elimination rounds.

In the said competition, the grand price was a microphone trophy, and the opportunity to call a bingo game in one of Las Vegas' hottest casinos. You could just imagine how big that is to a bingo caller! Calling a bingo game in a Las Vegas casino will surely increase a bingo caller's popularity, and thus, their market value.

Ivan stood out among the many others who wanted to join the competition, because of his excellent skills and humor. In the sixteen years of his career, he has mastered the skills which a bingo caller needs to be good at the job. He remembers when he was a beginner that he often made mistakes, but it seldom happens now, because he knows bingo calling now like the back of his hand.

Aside from Ivan's excellent bingo calling skills, he is also a natural comic. His humor comes out naturally, and that's what the judges saw in his demonstration. According to Ivan, he has always been a cheerful person, but perhaps, he has gotten better at throwing jokes, because of his long years at bingo halls. His experience might have given him more confidence.

Some people might think that being a bingo caller is not a good career, but Ivan thinks otherwise. To him, it's making people happy - that is his source of fulfillment. He realizes that players do not go to bingo halls just to win some money, but more importantly to have a good time, and socialize. He thinks it is his mission to give them the fun that they were seeking.

Another notable trait of Ivan is that he's always polite. He never crosses any bingo player. Like all people, he has problems of his own, but he never brings them to work. For him, it's like show business; the show must go on.

In a nutshell, Ivan is someone who all bingo callers should admire. Isn't it nice to play a bingo game with someone like this calling the numbers?