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Bingo Strategy: Playing Smart Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance. It's putting your utmost trust to Lady Luck and praying ardently that you take home the big jackpot! There is no known strategy in playing the game. With the numbered balls selected randomly, there is no way to steer its results to your advantage unless the Bingo Gods decide that it's yours for the taking!

So, what do we do?

Well, we can always increase our chances of hauling those seemingly elusive payouts by being focused on the game and by having fun!

Here are simple helpful tips when playing bingo:

First, come prepared. There is nothing more irritating than finding out you left your eyeglasses, dabber (marker/daubber), pen, glue or those popular lucky charms at home. One, it would put you out of your game right there and then. Two, being in that state could rob you of the chance of shouting "BINGO!" and the opportunity to smile smugly at everyone else!

If you don't want to be disrupted,interrupted,bothered during bingo put your cellphones on silent mode or leave it at home if you can. It is your time to relax and enjoy after days of working hard! So, no interruptions please. Also this will not disturb the other players as well.

Never try to impress others by buying more cards than you can handle especially if you are a beginner. It doesn't matter how many cards you have, what matters is that you can keep track of all your bingo card and never miss marking a called number.

Have a quota. Allot a specific amount of money for that day. Spending more trying to catch up on your losses would only make you a bigger looser. So, set a limit on yourself. If you did not get lucky, then better luck next time.

Never bring a friend who refuses to pay for his own games or anyone who doesn't share your passion for the game. They would only distract you from your numbers. Same for bringing children to the bingo hall. There is nothing more distracting that worrying about your children, that is aside from the fact that you'll soon be a recipient of murderous looks from other players as our wonderful, sweet kids start yelling! You will probably get the reputation of being the one who brought the kids and caused trouble.

Be a smart player! There are lots of special games in between the regular ones. Take your pick and play the games with high chances of winning.

Bingo may not require great skills to be played but you must be able to stay sharp and focused. Eat before proceeding to the hall. Bring in your own snacks if you have to. Stretch your legs as often as necessary and never delay your bladder needs!

Listen to the caller as if they're reciting a very beautiful poem. If people are making remarks about the way they talk, keep it to yourself. Don't get agitated. Double check the numbers called on the bingo board.

Do not let a seller interrupt you during a game, some sellers collect payments for previous cards during an ongoing game. This could lead you to a heartbreak!

Know when to quit. After winning a game, most players stay to see if it is their winning streak. If it is not, gracefully bow out and take what's left of your winnings home.

Being relaxed makes you focused more on your game. Being focused brings you closer to winning. Yes, it is still a game of luck, still a game banking on chance. It's also a game where you guard your chances by not letting your environment rule your game. So, players! Gear to shout ... "BINGO!"