Britain Bingo

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Bingo has become over the years a game that is thought to be for old ladies and was not played until recently by any young people, who looked down on it with derision. However, over the past few years a veritable revolution has taken place, which has become the cornerstone for present bingo playing, Bingo has begun to be played by many celebrities and other famous people, and that has spurred many young people who go after everything that celebrities do to go and play bingo as well. As a result of this many trendy bingo hall have started opening in Los Angeles and other famous cities, all geared at drawing young people into the bingo halls.

Of course, there are problems. Anti smoking laws have many bingo hall closing down, because many people cannot quit smoking while playing b9njgo. So much, in fact that people have stopped coming to bingo halls I t remains to be seen whether this new movement will continue and will the star of bingo wane or will it continue to rise and assume its place as the number one pastime in America Today.