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The ACCA is holding a bingo night on Friday which will feature several new payouts promotions for their players. The new promotions are designed to increase the popularity of the bingo games and give non-winning players the chance to win without a 'bingo.'

Bingo Articles

The Fundamentals of Bingo
21 September 2010

A game of bingo is a simple game to play that even first timers can learn the game in just a short period of time. It is one of the favorite games being played in many charitable events and sanction. ... Full Story

Playing Smart Bingo
05 August 2007

Here are tips on how to be effective in bingo; things or strategies that can be followed to ensure a happy, relaxed environment. Full Story


Online Bingo Charms
07 June 2007

Have the urge to play bingo, but couldn't find a bingo hall near your place? There's a better alternative to your local bingo hall, and this is the online bingo hall. Online bingo halls allow you to p ... Full Story

Britain Bingo

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Bingo has become of the greatest games in the world and also one of the most popular. Contrary to its reputations a game for old ladies and churches, it has become a trendy game that draws to it many young people as well.

Bingo has its roots in medieval Italy, but it really gained in popularity in the United states when it began to be played in churches as a means of raising funds for the parish. The game rapidly grew in popularity and became the most popular game being played today with over ninety million dollars being spent on bingo each week in the United States alone.

Bingo is a simple game to learn and requires no skill, since it is completely a game of chance. You are given a card or cards, depending on the number of cards that you have purchased and then the numbers begin to be called out. There is no need to worry if you missed a number, since all the numbers are posted on the boards. When you have completed the cards, of whichever way the game is played in the bingo hall of you choice, you then call out bingo and then you card is checked. If it is found that your card does in deed have all the numbers called out then you get the prizes. This is usually money but it can also be appliances and other household objects.


Various Bingo Employees
05 June 2007

Bingo personnel are responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of the bingo halls. There are three key personnel in a game namely the caller, spotter, and cashier. Full Story

The Best Bingo Callers
21 January 2007

Even in the world of bingo-calling, there are those who are referred to as the best. Ivan Winser is one of them. Learn more about him here.
Full Story

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